Hello everyone,

We are excited to officially announce we recently launched the newest module of the Endor Protocol, per our development roadmap: “Explainability Report Explorer on Customers Private Data“. This new module offers an advanced “explainability“ capability, augmenting the Endor Protocol predictions with semantic annotation and enables users to understand…

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce the official launch of the new mainnet version of the Endor Protocol, offering further simplification of the Protocol usage, as well as additional capabilities for the protocol ecosystem per our development roadmap.

We invite you to follow these steps and sign into the…

After successfully launching the Endor Protocol and bringing the business world one step closer to advanced, AI-based prediction capabilities, we are leveraging our democratized data science platform to serve national security.

Data Science Made Accessible

Replacing the current Machine Learning paradigm, our proprietary technology pushes AI even further by applying…

Hello Endorians,

We’ve been working expediently over the past couple of months on new product developments and customer implementations, both reaching new heights. In the last post we updated on our new financial trading offering to third parties seeking to provide advanced AI-powered capabilities to their customers, with our first such implementation…

Endor Protocol

Automated Predictions on Encrypted Data - Fast, Accurate & Secure

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